Re-designing the online experience for MVintage customers

App Design, Digital, Digital Strategy, Experience Strategy, Service Design, User Research, UX Audit, UX Development, Web Design

We were tasked to redesign the online shopping experience for MVintage to support the brand’s retail growth and its aim to expand internationally. We wanted to create a seamless, convenient and positive shopping experience online that would mirror the in-store service and personalised customer experience MVintage are renowned for..

We gained rich insights and deep understanding on consumers’ online shopping behaviour and habits, by spending time observing and working closely with target client groups, through qualitative research sessions, one-on-one interviews and many user testing sessions.

The challenge was to create a solution that could also be implemented in phases and solved major pain points for the different consumer personas we defined. We also worked to ensure a positive and frictionless experience throughout all the online journey from landing on the page to browsing, personalising jewellery pieces, customised viewing and selection options all the way through to checkout, payment and follow up communications.