New packaging and identity for Bioliyfe range

As the Liyfe brand and range started to grow, we built and developed the recently launched new range of products under the BioLiyfe sub-brand. BioLiyfe offers a high quality range of natural based dietary and food supplements with health benefits for various needs, conditions and ailments.

We designed a modern, clean, and distinctive brand identity that reflects the product attributes of the BioLiyfe range – authentic, transparent, high quality products with specific health benefits.

The core design challenge was to develop a visual language that could make the products and packages very distinguishable and reflect the quality of the product offering. The packaging was designed to be functional with a powerful shelf presence. Through the use of typographic proportions, the grouping of information, development of a functional visual hierarchy, bold illustrations and a strong colour palette for the entire range of products we managed to create a modular design system that ensures continuity and consistency throughout the whole range of products and is easily adoptable for future product packages.

The main visual element across this range consists of the colourful themed anatomical illustrations. The white main benefitting organ or body is set against a multi coloured, multi-layered background representing the inside of our body and the functional effect of the product.

The predetermined visual hierarchy of the various elements keeps the design of the packages consistent through the entire range, whilst creating eye-catching, functional and compliant packaging.

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