JPX standalone


We put people at
the heart of
experience design

We bridge the gap between
users and their experience with
products, services and the

We are the experience design side of JPA. We work with businesses and organisations from early-stage start-up’s to leading brands, to re-think their business challenges and create products and services that are built around great customer experiences.

We build brands by listening and working with our clients and their customers. As part of an integral part of a full-service agency that has been going strong for 30 years, at JPX we are passionate about getting to know people to enable them to live smarter and more informed lives.

We believe that Consumers don’t buy stuff. People do.


We clarify
business and
customer purpose

We help clients define intent and purpose by assessing their customer experience in relation to their business operation – combining data analysis with human behaviours research to figure out what ‘good’ feels like for our users

We design

By deeply understanding human needs, we help our clients reframe complex problems, capture untapped opportunities, and collaboratively design valuable experiences

We launch and
scale products
and services

By targeting growth opportunities through design and experimentation we help clients design, incubate, and accelerate new products and services. We work end-to-end from from user-led research, ideation, prototyping to design delivery in both the digital and physical space.

A few projects we have worked on

Building a business wide customer journey approach for Quickbooks UK

We helped Intuit Quickbooks to optimise the sales funnel and to make Intuit more relevant to the specific target groups through in-depth customer experience mapping and opportunity mapping.

Data analysis. Customer Journey mapping.
Service design

Defining the signature moments of Nescafé Dolce Gusto’s drinkers

We helped NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® to gather insights and opportunities around the Nescafé Dolce Gusto customer experience by applying a Human-Centered design approach

Data analysis. Design Research.
Customer Journey mapping. Service design.

Designing a digital platform to make learning easier and more exciting

We collaborated with the forward-thinking team behind The Student Campus to design a more engaging virtual learning environment and successfully raise investment.

Data analysis. Customer Journey mapping.
UI Design

Redesigning an online insurance service experience

We helped insurance provider Atlas to rethink their online service portal. We simplified and redesigned the digital platform to a more seamless experience for their audiences.

Data analysis. Design Research.
Customer Journey mapping. UX/UI Design

Using Customer journeys to improve the Altaro partner relationship

We helped Altaro. a leading software solutions for virtual machine backup to strengthen their position and build a service strategy that focuses on their customers’ needs, and truly sets them apart from competitors.

Data analysis. Customer Journey mapping.
Service design


We put
people first

Built upon a
foundation of
empathy gives us a
deep understanding of
customer behavioural

We lead by

Targeted data
research combined
with quantitative
design research gives
us a deeper meaning
and better understanding of
the bigger picture

We are an
extension of
your business

CX is not a one-off campaign.

It’s a journey, which gives us a
critical advantage to
anticipate market
demands and

We’re always looking for new friends and businesses to work with and be inspired by.

We enjoy working with companies of all sizes, across all industries. We’re just as comfortable solving huge systemic challenges as we are delivering tactical product design projects. If you’d like to create meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers through human-centered design, we’d love to show you what we can do!

a division of JPA
G.F. Agius de Soldanis,
Santa Venera, Malta

T (+356) 2347 8100

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